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In this page, you have the opportunity to book a completely free introductory coaching conversation with the Coach Antonio Esposito.

The aims of this first introductory 60 minute online conversation*, are to give you the opportunity to discuss in more details all your needs, to share your thoughts with the Coach and ask as many questions as you want, about the coaching process, and about our coaching services.

At the end of this first conversation, you and the Coach will have gathered enough information to understand if there is the possibility to start an amazing coaching journey together.

In order to book your Free Session, please use the calendar application below and/or get in touch for any help and/or clarification you might need.

I am looking forward to speaking with you soon.
Thank you.

Current Availability
Monday | 9am – 10am
Tuesday | 4pm – 5pm
Thursday | 4pm – 5pm
Friday | 1pm – 2pm

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For any problem, please use the online version of this calendar.

Important Notice [1]
The Free Introductory Conversation is a one-time offer.

A booked session can be cancelled no later than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment to have the opportunity to re-schedule it a 2nd time. If also the 2nd session is cancelled, it is not possible to book a free session a 3rd time, unless paying the fees currently applied for single 60 minute coaching session.

Important Notice [2]
The ThinkLean Formula Coaching Programme is strictly subject to eligibility and availability.
The 60 minute introductory conversation with Antonio Esposito, won’t guarantee you the automatic access to the coaching programme.

Important Notice [3]
*The Coaching Sessions are only held online by using Zoom [preferred] or Skype and only for specific and important reasons, by Phone. Special requests for live, face-to-face coaching sessions can be made, but, must be discussed in further details.

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